International Journal for Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (IJSMDO) - 即将发表

  • Topology Optimization Design of Microstructures with Zero Poisson's Ratio
    Xueping Li, Jiajun Zhu, Peng Wei and Cheng Su
    Accepted: 14/05/2024
  • Cable force estimation method based on UAVs and EMD
    Wenjun Luo, Shufan Cai, Limei Zeng, Gongfa Chen and Bassir David
    Accepted: 14/05/2024
  • Parts simulation design and simulation training system combined with hardware-in-the-loop
    Zhanfu Ge, Youwei Xu and Baohai Zhang
    Accepted: 08/04/2024
  • A Novel Conceptual Design Method for Aviation PMSG Based on Thermal Modeling
    He Wang, Fengming Ai, Linke He, Zhongzheng Zhou and Yangang Wang
    Accepted: 08/04/2024
  • Computer-aided design of hand-drawn art food packaging design based on a deep neural network model
    Hui Cui
    Accepted: 18/03/2024