International Journal for Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (IJSMDO) - 即将发表

  • Preliminary Investigations on Extrusion of High Viscosity Slurry using Direct Writing Technique
    Tesfaye Kebede Ali, Balasubramanian Esakki, Praveen A S, Rohit Lade and Arvind Kumar
    Accepted: 02/07/2020
  • Factorial design and Design of Experiments for developing novel lead free solder alloy with Sn, Cu and Ni
    JAYESH S, Jacob Elias and Manoj Guru
    Accepted: 02/07/2020
  • Optimality and Duality for Nonsmooth Semi-infinite E-convex Multi-objective Programming with Support Functions
    Tarek Emam
    Accepted: 29/06/2020
  • Modeling of a Square-shape ZnO, ZnS and AlN Membrane for MEMS Capacitive Pressure-Sensor Applications
    Ahmad Dagamseh, Q.M. Al-Bataineh, Zaid Albataineh, Nermeen S. Daoud, Ahmad Alsaad and Ahmad Omari
    Accepted: 29/06/2020
  • Agent-based modelling and simulation for ship unloading processes: Determining the number of trucks and container cranes
    Fadillah Ramadhan, Arif Imran, Afrin Fauzya Rizana and Liane Okdinawati
    Accepted: 28/06/2020
    HAMZA ABUBAKAR and Saratha Sathasivam
    Accepted: 20/06/2020
  • Flexible rotor optimization design with considering the uncertainty of unbalance distribution
    Jia Shengxi, Longxi Zheng and Qing Mei
    Accepted: 15/06/2020
  • Multiobjective Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of NACA0012 Airfoil based Mesh Morphing
    Rabii El Maani, Soufyane Elouardi, Bouchaib Radi and Abdelkhalak El Hami
    Accepted: 15/06/2020
  • Cleaning cycle optimisation in non-tracking ground mounted solar PV systems using Particle Swarm Optimisation.
    Kudzanayi Chiteka, Rajesh Arora, S. N Sridhara and C. C Enweremadu
    Accepted: 05/06/2020
  • A Tabu Search Approach With Embedded Nurse Preferences for Solving Nurse Rostering Problem
    Syariza Abdul Rahman, Razamin Ramli, Siti Nurin Ima Ahmad and Antoni Wibowo
    Accepted: 11/05/2020
  • System Design for Inverted Pendulum Using LQR Control via IoT
    dechrit maneetham and Petrus Sutyasadi
    Accepted: 27/03/2020