ASMDO 2007, 2008 Awards

ASMDO 2008 Awards:

For Young Researcher to :

  • Alvaro Noriega, for the following article: "A new evolution strategy for the unconstrained optimization problem", Spain
  • Jüri Majak, for the following article: "Optimal material orientation of linear and non-linear elastic 3D anisotropic materials", Estonia

For Excellent Paper award to:

  • Ahmad Alhajahmad, for the following article: "Optimal design of tow-placed fuselage panels with cutouts for maximum strength and buckling performance", The Netherlands
  • Ignacio Payá-Zaforteza, for the following article: "On the statistical estimation of the minimum cost of reinforced concrete building frames designed by heuristic optimization", Spain

This award is evidence of your efforts in the ASMDO mentioned research. The committees of the ASMDO conference confer the award in recognition of your technical excellence in the area of optimization.

ASMDO 2007 Awards:

For Excellent Paper award to:

  • F. Fantani, L.k. Balachandran & M.D. Guenov, for the following article "Computational System For Multi Disciplinary Optimization At Conceptual Design Stage", UK
  • Shinya Honda & Yoshihiro Narita for the following article "Minimum Weight Design for Vibration of Laminate Plates Using Lamination Parameters" - Japan