International Journal for Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (IJSMDO) - Forthcoming

  • Building a Data-Driven Teaching Platform for ESL Vocabulary Corpus in Universities based on VR Technology
    Lijun Cheng
    Accepted: 27/02/2024
  • Digital Twin Modeling and Intelligent Optimization for Rail Operation Safety Assessment
    Ling Wang, Xiang Chen and Feng Ding
    Accepted: 08/02/2024
  • Modeling and Simulation of Complex Emergency Dispatch Based on BIPSO
    Zimei Sun and Chengning Huang
    Accepted: 08/02/2024
  • Performance Enhancement of Savonius Wind Turbine Through Partially Deformable Blades
    Alaeddine Zereg, Mohamed Taher Bouzaher, Mounir Aksas and Nadhir Lebaal
    Accepted: 09/12/2023
  • Investigation on Road Underground Defect Classification and Localization Based on Ground Penetrating Radar and Swin Transformer
    Jinke An, Li Yang, Zhongyu Hao, gongfa chen and Longjian Li
    Accepted: 08/12/2023
  • The fluidic molecular trajectory and the Nano-droplet production ability
    Van-Quang Nguyen, Van-Thien Nguyen, Tien-Dung Hoang, Pham-Thi-Minh Hue, Le-Thi-Phuong Thanh, Nguyen-Chi Tam and Ta-Thi-Tra Giang
    Accepted: 21/10/2023